The peer review process of Memoria Antiquitatis. Acta Musei Petrodavensis

The evaluation process of the Memoria Antiquitatis journal complies with international evaluation standards. It is a peer review evaluation. Stages:

1. Articles handing over.

Articles are sent by email (…) at the editorial office of the journal/review.

2. Evaluation by the editorial board.

The editorial board checks the articles to make sure that the editorial rules/norms have been followed.It also determines whether the article is of interest to the journal/review. If not, the article may be rejected without being sent for evaluation to a reviewer.

3. Reviewers

The publishers choose two reviewers for each article, depending on their scientific concerns, which must be consistent with the subject of the article.They are invited to evaluate the material. In case of refusal, another reviewer is invited.The evaluators are researchers in the field, from outside our institution and perform the review independently of the author.They work at various universities or institutes in Romania or abroad.

The reviewer will read the article and using the comment system will make corrective suggestions, if necessary.If the article is not corrected according to the reviewer's suggestions, it can be rejected.

The editors will take into account the two evaluations of the article.If they show too big differences, then you can call on a third reviewer.

4. The decision

The final decision to publish the article will be taken by the editorial board and communicated to the author.

5. Formular peer review

The formular peer review can be downloaded by click this link.